Bay Women Association Network

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Our overall development goal is to improve the social welfare and build the capacity of women and children through supporting education, health care services, peace building and capacity building training in human rights, environmental management and income generation for self-reliance.

Our Vision

BAWA strive to create a future in which all women will be viewed and treated equally as men, in all aspects of life; civil, political, economic, social and cultural.

Our Mission

  1. To conduct HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns
  2. To promote peace and peaceful conflict resolution
  3. To promote respect for human rights and differences in social strata;
  4. To encourage and assist the involvement of Somali women in the processes of reconciliation, reconstruction and economic development;
  5. To provide training for women and to encourage micro credit activities, in order to allow them to reach their economic independence;
  6. To advocate against the practice of female genital mutilation and gender-based violence
  7. To promote the growth and development of women groups and associations